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About the company


Mediates in the acquisition evidence of participation of number games between the organizers and users.

What is the service GlobLotto?

Globlotto is your ticket to an easy and safe game in the biggest lotteries of the world. The service was established in 2010. Our goal was to develop a community for all those who want to test their luck. Globlotto delivers joy, emotions and makes dreams come true. GlobLotto is a long thought of idea in Polish internet. Since the beginning we’ve been working on catering to your needs. We’ve developed an innovative way to participate in the number games allowing you to play in groups whereas improving the odds of winning. Along with new technology we are also changing – GL is also available in our mobile version. We try to be available for you therefore we’ve expanded our Customer Service Department even online. We are an online platform which allows players around the world to safely buy tickets in all official national lotteries. We provide advanced statistical tools as well as many types of game options. We exist for you and thanks to you, that’s why your satisfaction is our priority.

Who are we?


Company information:


FEZI Sp z o. o.

ul. Zygmunta Słomińskiego 17/51

00-195 Warszawa


How to play to win?

Our website was created to increase your chances of winning!  Whether you create ​​huge rooms with hundreds of combinations or carefully select your numbers with the help of our statistical tools, you can play in all ways possible.  You can do 'quick pick' or decide on additional options and play as often as you want.

Chat With Our Consultants

Chat online with one of our consultants. We will answer all your related questions.

Ask Question

Use the contact form to get help from our Customer Service Office.

Mobile App

Globlotto Mobile is your ticket agent in your pocket! By downloading the Mobile App, you have the advantage to play and check lottery results, from around the world, on your cell!
This functionality will be available soon