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Single play

A single play is like going to your local lottery agent without leaving the comfort of your own home! In just moments you’ll fill out your ticket and be ready for a shot at massive winnings!

After signing up and topping up your personal account it’s all the same as if you’re filling out a regular lottery ticket, just pick your numbers and destiny will take it’s course.

Globlotto gives you the chance to win big in one of 12 official national lotteries. You could get lucky in Poland, USA, France, Spain, Great Britain and many other countries around the world. Usually it’s your only chance to take part in playing overseas. All this without even leaving your couch.

You can always fill out more than one coupon in the lottery of your choice and take part in more than one lottery. You can even test your luck in 'Quick pick'.

With Globlotto you take control of your fortune!

Topping up your Account

To get started you must top up your credit. This can be done in a number of ways.

Globlotto accepts all major credit cards as well as debit and money transfers. You also have the option of using Skrill, Przelewy24, Xpay, WebMoney Transfer, RBK Money and Ukash.

Group play

Group Play lets you play with friends or join a group of other players which increases your chances of big winnings as well as lowers the costs of joining. Winnings are divided proportionaly according to the amount invested by each player.

A multi player group is able to buy out even the biggest coupons, maximising your chances of winning. This way you win more often.

Thanks to Group Play you multiply your luck by the luck of your friends or group members.

Thanks to Group Play you multiply your luck by the luck of your friends or group members.

Managing your Winnings

You will be informed of every win via e-mail and a notification will appear on your ‘My Account’ page. All wins are verified within a 24hr period.

Winnings up to 2000EU are automatically transfered to your account. Any exceeding amount will be dealt with individually according to the rules and regulations of individual lotteries.

You may transfer winnings at any time from the Globlotto account to your own.

Help on GlobLotto

If you have any questions related to our portal or require information about your acount, please contact our Customer Service Office.

To get in touch with our customer service office please fill out the contact form located on the HELP page. We respond to all inquiries within a 48hr period and guarentee professional service.

You may also get aquainted with our FAQ page.

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