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Terms and Conditions GlobLotto

1. Subject of the regulations

Terms and Conditions of website "" defines general principles for use by users of the Internet portal located at the Internet address, as well as the rights and obligations of the Company and the users.

2. Definitions

  • For the purposes of these Regulations terms listed below shall have the following meanings:
    • The company - the company FEZI Sp z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw, NIP: 7010290090, KRS: 0000382974, performing rights and obligations described in these Regulations;
    • Portal - a web portal operated by the Company at the Internet address, subject to legal protection provided in the intellectual property law,
    • Regulations - these Terms and Conditions;
    • Lottery - lottery marked on the Portal, which is organized by the respective organizer of lotteries and under the conditions for that particular lottery;
    • User - a natural person over 18 (eighteen) years old and having full or limited legal capacity, who register User Account on the Portal;
    • User Account - account on the Portal, registered by the User in accordance with these Regulations;
    • Registration - creating the User Account by the User on the Portal by filling out the registration form available on the Portal
    • Technical Break  - intended or unintended by the Company interruption in the operation of the Portal, made in order to update, modify, repair or restore the functionality of the Portal;
    • Form - a web application that allows user contact with the Company;
    • Price List -annexed to the Regulations table specifies the amount of remuneration payable to the Company by the User for the execution of orders;
    • Order - an agreement concluded between User and the Company, whereby the Company has agreed to do for a fee and on behalf of the User strictly defined in the Regulations activities related to the participation in the Lottery
    • The balance - the balance of cash held by the User on the User Account
    • Lottery Office - point located on the territory of the competent country at which the Company on behalf of the User pays for the bet or acquires proof of participation in a specific Lottery.
  • Except where the context requires so, words denoting the singular shall mean the plural and vice versa, the words used in one grammatical gender will include within its scope all genders, and words denoting natural persons shall mean the legal entities and vice versa.

3. User statements and permissions

Any person who makes registration, automatically declares that:

  • accepts all these Regulations,
  • knows and understands all the declarations and conditions of the Company as defined in § 4 of the Regulations,
  • knows and accepts all the regulations relating to the specific lotteries defined by their organizers, as well as law regulations relating to specific regulations of lotteries,
  • is at least 18 (eighteen) years old,
  • agrees for processing by the Company and its trading partners listed in Annex 2 to these Regulations their personal data given, for the execution of the rights and obligations under theseRegulations and for the purposes of marketing and trade (sending marketing information and commercials) subject to the User having the right to control processingof the data, to correct the data and demand their removal; List of trading partners referred to above will be updated by the Company from time to time on what the User hereby consents;
  • when using the Portal, the User can participate in a lotteries according to the law,
  • founds, which the User shall pay to the User Account, do not come from illegal or from undisclosed sources,
  • agrees to receive electronic material advertising portal in the form of a newsletter and SMS advertising messages and system messages.

4. Companystatements and permissions

  • The Company hereby declares and reserves, as follows:
    • The Company does not organize any lotteries,does not arrange any lotteries or does not conduct activities in the betting and gaming,
    • The Company is not bound by any legal relationship, in particular relation of order, trusteeship or agency, with any of the organizers of lotteries, does not provide for any of the organizers of lotteries advertising or promotion and does not receive from any of the organizers of the lotteries financial or non-cash benefit,
    • All lotteries take place on the basis of relevant laws and regulations, and the Company has no influence on the content of these laws and regulations, as well as on the compatibility of organizing lotteries with these laws and regulations,
  • The Company is not responsible for any irregularities in the organization of a lottery, and therefore any claims, complaints, protests and pretensionsfrom the  User associated with its participation in a particular lottery should be directed only to the relevant organizer of the lottery,
  • The Company informs that participation in the lottery is associated with the risk of loss incurred by the User; The Company does not assume any responsibility to the User for any loss incurred in connection with participation in a particular lottery

Company and the Portal in the acquisition of proof of participation in the lottery has, in fact, the role of messenger, who in the name and on behalf of the User acquires the proof of participation in accordance with the wishes of the user.

5. User Registration, basic rights and duties of the User

  • Any natural person prior to the registration process should be familiar with these regulations.
  • In order to register, the User must correctly complete the registration form available on the Portal, providing all the required data. The responsibility for the consequences of giving incomplete data, incorrect and false is borne solely by the user.
  • To make the registration, the User chooses the user name (login). Username can not infringe rights of third parties, or contain illegal content, beincompatible with these Regulations, or breach of any personal interests.
  • The Company does not agree with and the ban on the use of the services available on the Portal to employees of the Company and persons related to it, as well as persons employed and managing lotteries listed on the Portal, they cannot use lotteries for which the Company provides its services.
  • User is obliged not to disclose to third parties his password for the User Account. Solely responsibility for any actions or omissions related to the use of the User Account by the User or any third party shall be borne by the User to which the User Account belongs.
  • User is responsible for the proper work of its computer equipment and for protecting it from unwanted software and for any events resulting in the creation of technical problems which may affect the use of the Portal.
  • When there is a change of any of the information supplied by the user in the process of registration or the Company requests other additional data than the data provided by the User, the User is obliged to immediately update the data in the registration form.
  • User consents for the collection and processing of personal data submitted at registration of the User Account by business partners of the Company indicated in Annex 2 to the Regulations. Appendix 2 to the Regulations will be changed from time to time, for what the User hereby agrees. Full names and addresses of the partners are  specified in Appendix 2 to the Regulations. The scope and objective of the collection and processing of personal information determines the scope of the consent and statements User specified in section 3 of these Regulations, which means that the Company and the business partners of the Company indicated in Annex 2 to the Regulations are entitled to further entrust the processing of personal data, also for marketing purposes and trade. This provision does not exclude the special User's rights under the mandatory provisions of the law in the place of processing personal information – i.a. for information about the collection of personal data, to obtain information about the purpose, scope and a way of data processing, requests to make any changes to the personal data processing by the Company and / or partner of the Company, filing a written request to cease processing of personal data to the further transfer to a third party, or object to the processing of personal data for the purposes of marketing and sales (according to the wording of Directive 95/46 /EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 24 October 1995).
  • The user is responsible for acquiring evidence of participation in lotteries, for which the Company provides services in accordance with the rules laid down in the Regulations and in accordance with the provisions of the various regulations of lotteries and the relevant legal laws applicable to the Lottery Regulations of lotteries, as well as the law locally competent for the region where a lottery is organized and the region in which the User has permanent residence, and accounts for taxes,

6. Registration confirmation

  • Successful registration process results with automatically sent to the user, on the e-mail address (e-mail) provided by the User during registration, e-mail containing the confirmation of registration. The confirmation includes a link that allows the User to make the activation of the User Account. If the person does not receive such a message within 24 hours, he needs to contact Customer Service using the application form which can be found under "contact" on the main page of the Portal.
  • User Account is activated automatically after clicking by the User in the received link in the message containing the confirmation of registration.

7. User Account

  • Each user can have only one User Account.
  • User Account is not transferable.
  • User using his User Account can (in full knowledge of the scope of the regulation the provisions of section 5, subsection 8 of the Regulations):
    • askCompany for depositing bets or the acquisition of evidence of participation in a specific lotteries, selected by the user;
    • create and join the Game Rooms that are described in the Regulations;;
    • comment and talk on the forum and chat with friends via chat;
    • view the history of his activities in User Account;
    • make deposits and withdrawals from his Balance
    • account and the User data can be verified at any time by the Company.

8. Resignation from using the Portal

The user has the right to resign from the portal and to request for removal of User Account belonging to him at any time, subject to the prior settlement of any financial obligations to the Company and, subject to orders made by him cannot be cancelled.

9. Placing orders

  • An order may be made only by properly registered user, within the time provided by the Company.
  • Through the Portal, for a fee, User commissionsthe Company  joining lottery games selected by the User. The order also includes the authorization for the Company to perform actions on behalf and for the benefit of the user, consisting in particular and depending on the circumstances (subject to section 5, subsection 8 of the Regulations) of:
    • Giving to Lottery Office indicated by User, numbers combinations for the lottery
    • Paying bet to Lottery Office indicated by User on his sole account, as required by the lotteries
    • receiving in Lottery Office the proof of participation in the lottery (eg. lottery ticket, coupon, form), provided for the lottery
    • keepingthe proof of participation in the lottery
    • checking the proof of participation in the lottery after the draw, in terms of winning
    • receiving the prize and transfer it to User
    • transferring the proof of participation in the lottery to the User, in purpose of the individual receiving the prize by the owner of the proof of participation in the lottery
  • To make orders, the User is obliged to properly complete the form and make a payment from The Balance. The user to be able to effectively place order, must first have sufficient funds in his account. The order is considered to be made automatically from the moment of clicking on the Portal "Buy" button.
  • Correct completion of Form lies in the fact that the user selects lotteries, chooses  his numbers, and then confirms the order by clicking on the button "Buy".
  • Correct completion of Form and confirmation of it by the user in the way provided in the Portal results in the taking orders by the Company and automatically charging the appropriate amount of cash from the Balance. After taking the order by the Company user is immediately notified by automatically generated message in available on the Portal tab under the "My Account".
  • When completing the form, the user is automatically informed about the amount of costs for the acquisition of evidence of participation in a lottery available on the Portal due to the Company for the execution of orders.
  • Each order gets automatically generated unique number in the Portal.
  • User can select numbers by random method of typing, which is selecting the numbers by the generator available on the Portal.
  • The rules and deadlines of draws and receiving winnings are determined only the organizer of the lottery.
  • The order cannot be cancelled or changed by the user.
  • The Company reserves the right to refuse to accept orders, as well as to resignation from the placed orders, if the User violate any of the provisions of the Regulations or in the event of technical difficulties in the execution of orders. In the event of cancelling the realization of placed orders, the Company shall immediately return the user cash charged from the Balance. In exceptional faith and technical cases, company reserves the right to refuse an order without informing the user. In such cases, the company guarantees the application in the next draw of the lottery

10. Game Rooms

  • The user can create via the Portal a Game Room, so he can place orders together with other Users. Game Room can also be created by the Portal administrator.
  • The person creating the Game Room fills the form and places the order.
  • The person creating the Game Room determines the number of shares in the Game Room. Each user through his User Account can purchase from the Company at the price that appears on the Portal any available yet  number of shares in one or more of the Game Rooms.
  • When Users buy all the shares in the game Room, the order proceeds to the next possible draw of the game
  • Prize in a lottery in a Game Room is shared across all users in proportion to their shares purchased, subject to the below-described method of payment of winnings.
  • The Company, in exceptional cases, reserves the right to terminate the Game Rooms and a refund for the shares acquired by members on their balances
  • The User, who confirmed the submission of orders or acquired any involvement in at least one Game Room cannot cancel his disposal. Game Rooms in which in 3 consecutive draws all the shares will not be bought are terminate and the money is returned to Users Balances.
  • The use of the Game Rooms should at all times be subject to the provisions of section 5 subsection 8 of the Regulations.

11. Payment and remuneration for the Company

  • The user makes a payment on his Balance only in the forms made available on the Portal
  • The Company reserves the right to determine for each form of payment of the minimum and maximum thresholds of one-off payments.
  • Payments can be made in any currency, but automatically are converted at the exchange rate available on the Portal on the currency selected at registration. The exchange rate is calculated according to the application Yahoo.
  • After each deposit balance, User must place at least one (1) Order, to be able to withdraw funds accumulated on the User Account including in the Balance. In any case, when withdrawing funds from the User's account, the Company will reduce the amount of any duties, and of these measures and their payment:
    • of bank commissions;
    • commissions for so-called payment gateways.

-in accordance with applicable regulations and price lists of providers that Company has suffered in relation to deposits and withdrawals made by User by that time. The Company retains the right to keep part of the funds held on the User Account inBalance, on account of payment of fees referred to above.

  • The user can make the payment of the remuneration payable to the Company for the execution of orders in the forms offered on the Portal.
  • The amount of remuneration payable to the Company from the User for the execution of orders determines the price list.
  • In the case of winnings amounting's more than 2,000 (two thousand) British pounds in respect of one share of participation in the lottery, the Company will be owed additional remuneration in the amount equivalent to 10% of the winning of the above values for the costs of the Company's service, and to provide User support in the receiving and settlement of winning, including legal costs. The remuneration of the Company's and prize of the User will be settled on their own to pay all applicable taxes and other charges relating to the payment and receiving the prize.
  • In case of winning, User will be automatically and immediately informed about it via e-mail (e-mail system, automatic). If User wins the equivalent of 2,000 (two thousand), British pounds, he will be within 48 hours after the draw notified via e-mail by an employee of the Company with instructions to receive the prize by the Company and the User and the nextsteps the Company is going to take.
  • If the User does not comply with the instructions of the Company's employee, referred to in paragraph 8 above, and does not notify the Company of the fact desire to receive winning, prize is forfeited to the Company or the organizer of thelottery according to the rules of the lotteries and other consequences.
  • Notwithstanding the preceding points, all funds collected on the User Account in Balance, resulting from, among others, promotion of Balance free top-up, promoting additional Balancetop-up of the payment to the user of his account, and as a result benefit from any other promotions to top-up the Balance, may not be paid to the amount of funds raised as a result of such Promotion. This prohibition does not apply to funds received as winnings in lotteries, for which the evidence of participation in the lotteries, were acquired in exchange for the proceeds from the promotion.
  • To avoid any doubt, the Company announces that the funds collected on the User Account including the Balance, from all kinds of promotional activities carried out by the Company or its business partners may not be paid from User Balance. This prohibition does not apply to winnings in number games, which can be paid on a general basis, regardless of the origin of funds, for which the lottery ticket / proof of participation in the game was purchased.

12. Complaints

  • In the event of any inconsistency during the use of the Portal with these Regulations or performance by the Company's activities in contravention with the Order, the User has the right to file a complaint. The complaint should be submitted in writing and sent to the address of the Company or in electronic form and sent via electronic mail (e-mail) to the address given in the "Contact" on the Portal. The complaint must contain User data and especially the mailing address and description of the event constituting the basis for the reported complaint with justification.
  • Complaint must be made no later than 7 (seven) days from the date of the event constituting the basis for the complaint. Complaints submitted after this date will remain unexamined.
  • The complaint will be examined by the Company within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of its delivery, and the Company's decision on the complaint will be delivered to the User in writing. In justified cases, this deadline may be extended. Company's decision on the complaint is final and is not intended to appeal.
  • Funds from the balances are possible to pay only when the account has been credited with winnings, or the top up was not taken by promotion. (User didn’t use promotion).

13. Keeping the proof of participation in the lottery, receiving and transferring prize to the User

  • Proof of participation in the lottery is received and stored by the Company.
  • After the draw, the Company checks result of the lotteries and the amount of possible winnings .
  • If the Company finds winnings in a lottery, then amount equivalent up to 2,000 (two thousand) British pounds converted into the currency selected at registration at the prevailing exchange rate on the Portal, automatically is transferred to the Balance of a given User. If you win a higher amount, the Company is entitled to receive the prize on behalf of the user, the higher the win after the initial individual agreement with the User. In this case, the company, after receiving the amount of the winnings will pay the amount to a bank account specified by the user. However, the company is entitled to a prior deduction of wages in accordance with section 11subsection 7 of the Regulations
  • If the Company doesn’t find winnings in a lottery, then in the "My Account" automatically appears the message "no win".
  • The company will make every effort that the results of the draws were published as soon as possible.
  • User can transfer money from User Account to bank account.
  • When executing withdrawals from your Account, the Company reserves the minimum (20 PLN) and maximum withdrawal limits on selected money transfer tools and determine appropriate deadlines for the implementation of these payments.
  • The Company reserves the right to apply individually agreed with User method of payment of large winnings and charging remuneration in accordance with section 11 subsection 7 of the Regulations.
  • The Company does not perform the duties of tax income from tax on winnings. This obligation does user on their own, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law governing.

14. Company liability

  • The Company assumes no liability to User, and is not obliged to repair any damage suffered by the user, the payment to User for any damages, contractual penalty or to other performance, for non-performance or improper performance of any of its obligations under these Regulations, if the failure or improper performance is the result of force majeure (force majeure), understood as an event beyond the control of the Company, unpredictable by the Company and which using normal means could not be prevented, in particular natural disaster, armed conflict, act of government and administration state conflict in the workplace, disruption of transport systems, energy or supply, system crash or hardware that supports Portal, activities of a leap in relation to the Portal.
  • The company will make every effort to Portal operate continuously without interruption, but the Company does not assume any responsibility for the disruption of the Portal caused by the failure of computer equipment belonging to the User or its software, as well as the failure of the telephone network or failure of Internet service providers.
  • The Company assumes no liability to User for any negative consequences of the decision on the choice of lottery, selected numbers or rates.
  • The Company is not responsible for the actions of the User not complying with applicable laws, rules of the lottery or the Regulations. Subject to section 5 of subsection 8 of Regulations
  • In the case of the necessity of technical break, the Company will post an appropriate message to suspend the operation of the Portal. The Company is not responsible for technical interruptions, including unrealized or delayed execution of orders due to technical failure of equipment or problems about the nature of information technology and communications.

15. Deleting, blocking User Account

  • The Company reserves the right to block and delete the account user who violates any of the provisions of these Regulations.
  • The Company reserves the right to block and delete the user account, which works to the detriment of the Portal, the Company or third parties, as well as the User whose actions are inconsistent with applicable law, rules of social coexistence or the rules of proper use of the Portal, particularly when User gave in the Registration form incorrect or incomplete data, when User uses the Portal using unauthorized programs or scripts, the user has more than one account, or if he  refused to cooperate with the Company in the verification of the data.

16. Final provisions

These Regulations shall enter into force on the day of its publication on the Portal. Regulations are available on the Portal.
The Company has the right to change the provisions of these Rules at any time. The amendments are effective from the end of one (1) day after the publication of a new version of the Regulations on the Portal.
Any claims or disputes between the Company and the User shall be resolved by a court of competent jurisdiction for the Company.
These Regulations shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and all its provisions should be interpreted in accordance with the law. In matters not regulated by these regulations shall be governed by common law.
The language of communication with the Company's language is selected by the user at Registration. Company may at any time disband Portal.


Partners List

In Point S.A. (Inc.) – ul. Koszykowa 3; Warszawa 00-564, Polska,
Fezi Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) – al. Solidarności 72/4, Warszawa 00-145, Polska;
Subity Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) – ul. Słomińskiego 17/51, Warszawa 00-195,, Polska;
Affiliate 24 Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) – ul. Racławicka 7, Kędzierzyn Koźle 47-200; Polska
Globlotto LLC – 2479 East Bayshore Rd., Suite 706, Palo Alto, California 94303, USA



LOTTO POLAND 3,70 1,00 1,30 26,00 0,85 50,00
LOTTO + LOTTO PLUS POLAND 4,95 1,30 1,70 34,00 1,10 63,00
MINI LOTTO POLAND 1,75 0,50 0,60 13,00 0,40 30,00
EURO MILLIONS EUROPE 13,00 3,60 4,80 80,00 2,90 190,00
EURO JACKPOT EUROPE 13,00 3,60 4,80 80,00 2,90 150,00
EURO MILIONY CZECH REPUBLIC 7,00 1,70 2,50 40,00 1,50 95,00
SPORTKA CZECH REPUBLIC 4,00 1,00 1,45 20,00 0,90 60,00
MEGA MILLIONS USA 8,25 2,00 2,60 50,00 1,80 80,00
POWER BALL USA 15,00 3,60 4,60 90,00 3,00 150,00
LOTTO NEW YORK USA 4,50 1,10 1,40 30,00 0,90 50,00
ITALY 5,50 1,30 1,80 35,00 1,10 55,00
SPAIN 13,00 3,10 4,00 80,00 2,60 120,00
SPAIN 11,00 2,60 3,60 70,00 2,20 110,00

Payment method Commission
Przelewy24 1,93%
Xpay 2,00%
Skrill 3,00% + € 0,25
Karta kredytowa 3,00% + € 0,25
WebMoney 0,00%
RBKMoney 3.90%
Ukash 0,00%

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