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Terms and Conditions GlobLotto

1. Main

General Terms and Conditions of the GlobLotto website

1. The GlobLotto Website allows its Users to purchase tickets for a Game selected by the User. Also, the website provides several additional services, such as player's Account management, ensuring communication between Users as well as other Services, which at a given time are provided by the Website.
2. GlobLotto Website and all rights to it, including copyrights are the exclusive property of: (full name of the company)
3. Definitions of terms used in these Regulations:

  • Pricelist of services is the table attached to these regulations, which defines fees for completed orders
  • Form is a web application, which handles orders placement
  • Game means participation in one of the lotteries, which are being made available on the website
  • Account on the website is a set of functionality, which is available for users following registration
  • Lottery Room is a place in the website, which allows for a joint agreement to be concluded for a game order
  • Registration is a series of activities, which are required to establish an account on the website
  • Website is the GlobLotto website, which allows Users to participate in User-selected games and lotteries.
  • Company is the owner of the portal, referred to in par. 2.
  • Participation is the amount specified by the party that has established a Lottery room on the Website, which has to be paid by each User from their accounts, who through the Lottery Room concluded with themselves agreements for joint Order placement. The Participation determines both
  • Service means purchasing a lottery ticket, keeping it, and collecting potential winnings on behalf of the website user
  • Website User can only be a natural person having an Account on the website, who is 18 years or older and who has full legal capabilities and who declares that the law implied by its place of residence does not prevent participation in lotteries offered through the GlobLotto website. Employees of the company referred to in par. 2 can not be Users either.
  • Withdrawal is the activity by which lottery prizes and winnings can be transferred onto the winner's account
  • Order means selecting and confirming in the form of one's intent to participate in a lottery

4. Forms, which have been completed and paid for by the User in the Website are deemed by the Website as an Order for filling-in a relevant submission for participation in User-selected Game according to selection contained in the Form and then for submitting the Form to an appropriate lottery office, for obtaining a Game participation proof from it and for storing it, for checking whether the lottery ticket has won and if that is the case for providing the winning to the user in a way specified during its registration.
5. By Registering in the Website, the User agrees to accept terms and conditions of these Regulations.
6. The company may alter Website usage terms and conditions at any time.
7. The Website will charge for its services fees according to Services Pricelist, which constitutes the appendix no. 1 to these Regulations, which include in particular: service insurance, transport, costs related to physical protection of game participation proofs, transaction execution and own costs related to the Website operation, included in the service price.
8. At all times when Services are being provided for the User, the Website acts exclusively on the User's behalf. In particular, the Website does not act on behalf of any national or international organizers of games, which may be related to the Service being performed based on User-submitted orders. Also, the Website is not related either directly, indirectly nor in any other way with any of organizers of games, participation in which may be related to Services being provided to the User, as well as the Website can not influence any regulations of these games, amounts of fees, drawing dates or receives no compensation from any entity for performance of such Services.
9. The Website will not be liable for a failure to perform nor for delayed performance of a Service resulting from a technical fault of hardware or from issues of telecommunication, IT and communication nature, which may occur during performance of the Service.
10. The Company may not be held accountable for any delayed submission for participation in a drawing. Placing orders within the time allowing it to take part in drawing and conforming to the submission end time is the responsibility of the User.
11. The Website will not be liable for failure to deliver or for delayed purchase of a lottery ticket, if this results from acts of the Force Majeure.
12. The Website also reserves the right to refuse or to cancel execution of a placed order, if regulations are breached or if technical difficulties arise.
13. All personal details shall be deemed confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties.
14. With respect to issues not defined in these regulations, provisions of laws of Republic of Poland shall apply, regardless of the citizenship/nationality of the participant.

2. Game Aspects

Aspects of individual and team gaming.

1. Having correctly Registered, i.e. having typed all required data, the Website will create an individual User Account for the User, which may be used for placing Orders in the Website and to fully utilize all Services offered in the Website at a given time.
2. Using the Website, a registered User may:

  • using Forms, order the Website to purchase on their behalf and for them Tickets of a particular game;
  • create and join Lottery Rooms;
  • publish comments and opinions on the bulletin board and communicate with friends using the chat service
  • browse the history of activities on its account
  • make payments and withdrawals onto / from the account balance

3. In order to be able to place an Order, the User must first have sufficient funds on its Account.
4. User may order performance of any number of Services, as long as the balance of its Account so permits.
5. To be able to order the Website to perform a Service of purchasing a selected lottery ticket, User must correctly fill the Form, that is select numbers on the given lottery Form, according to regulations of the game in question and confirm the Order in a way provided for on the Website.
6. Through the Website, user may also conclude agreements with other players, basing on which they can jointly place an Order; this may be performed in so-called "Lottery Room".
7. A Lottery Room may be created for purposes of a particular Order by any User or by the Website administrator.
8. The party who creates the Lottery Room, shall fill in the Form on behalf of all Users, who have concluded with each other an agreement referred to in par. 6 and only that party will select numbers to be bet on.
9. The party who creates a Lottery Room will split the cost of the Order into a number of Participations they choose.
10. Joining a lottery room shall is understood as purchase of at least one Participation, from all that have been allocated for sale by the party who created the Lottery room.
11. Each User may purchase via its Account any number of still available participations within one or more Lottery Rooms.
12. When Users purchase all participations in a Lottery Room, the Order is ready for execution at the next possible drawing for the particular Game.
13. Any winnings from the ticket purchased jointly will be split on behalf of Users participating in the Order, proportionally to their purchased Participations, subject to the method of settling winnings, which is described below.
14. In exceptional circumstances, the administrator reserves the right to disband a room and to return funds for purchased participations to Users onto their Accounts.
15. User, who has confirmed Order placement or purchased any participation in at least one Lottery Room will not be able to cancel its order and to bring any financial claims against the GlobLotto website.
16. User who has entered false data during Registration or who has otherwise attempted to deceive the Website or who has breached its Regulations, may be locked out by the administrator. Funds accumulated by such User are not refundable..
17. Before any first Withdrawal, the User must at least once place a valid order for a Game using the funds that have been paid onto its Account.

3. Selecting numbers

Selecting numbers through the Website

1. Only correctly registered Users may place Orders on the Website.
2. Filling the Form and confirming it in a way specified on the Website will result with execution of this bet by the Website and with charging the User Account with relevant amount.
3. When filling the Form, User will be notified upon Order execution details and will learn the final price of the Service.
4. Each Order will receive its unique number in the Website and will be executed by it only after it is confirmed to the User in the System by the Website, via the "my tickets" tab.
5. Selection of numbers on the Form using "random" selection method involves numbers picking by a generator available for Users on the Website.
6. User, who selects numbers only indirectly, by joining a Lottery Room, will accept numbers that have been already selected and bet on and will consent to terms and conditions specified above.
7. On the day, when bets placed based on submitted Orders are to be purchased, the Website will only accept Orders up to defined time, according to the information displayed on the Website.
8. The Website will purchase on behalf of Users and for them proof of games participations, which they picked by way of selecting on their Account appropriate Form. These proofs are then purchased and kept by the Website until they are executed on behalf of Users.

4. Receiving payments

Receiving payments.

1. Payments from Users, made onto their Accounts on the Website are performed using means of payments directly specified at a given time by the website and in particular using przelewy24, przelewy or moneybookers services.
2. The Website reserves the right to specify for each type of payment minimum and maximum levels of individual payments.
3. Users, by paying their funds, acknowledge that these funds are not sourced from any criminal activity.
4. Funds can be paid in any currency, but they will be automatically converted using the exchange rate published on the website into the count currency selected during registration.

5. Winnings Settlement

Winnings Settlement.

1. Lower winnings obtained on correctly submitted and executed Orders will be transferred onto the User Account in the currency selected at the time of registration, converted using website's current foreign exchange rate.
2. The Website will undertake all due effort in order to publish lottery results as soon as possible.
3. The Website will undertake all due effort so that money from winnings arrive at the User Account as soon as possible.
4. User may forward money from the User Account onto its external account in moneybookers or onto a bank account.
5. When making withdrawals from the User Account, the Website may specify minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, for respective means of funds transfers and may specify relevant terms for execution of such payments.
6. Winnings will only be sent to Accounts of those Players, who have correctly registered, who are 18 years or over and who have not breached the Website regulations. Users may be requested to send a scan of their personal id card.
7. The Website reserves the right to use a means of funds transfer individually agreed with the User for high winnings withdrawals.
8. On withdrawals exceeding specific amounts, a tax on winnings will be charged and remitted
9. In some cases, the proof of game participation may be transferred to the User on their cost, by a public notary.

6. Website fees

Website fees.

1. For Services available on the website fees will be charged according to the current pricelist.
2. Fees are defined for each lottery and each type of ticket and for each available currency, accordingly in the table.
3. A 10% fee for the Website will be charged off winnings exceeding …………………..

7. Accompanying services

Accompanying services.

1. The Website allows Users to communicate with each other using chat.
2. Users may publish their opinions on the available bulletin board.
3. The Website provides free of charge lottery drawings statistics as well as a random generator of numbers sets.
4. Use of any of the available information, does not in any way guarantee winning and may not be a basis for any claims with regards to the Website or the Company.
5. User may access the history of their account, transactions and placed Orders.
6. Administrator may suspend or block a user for offensive posts and for breaching of generally acceptable ethical standards, including netiquette.

8. Final notes

Final notes.

1. The Website supports user anonymity by publishing User logins only.
2. User may publish its details in its public profile, on its own responsibility .
3. User agrees to receive Website advertising materials (a newsletter) to be sent via electronic mail.
4. Each User may have only one Account.
5. User may at any time ask for its Account to be removed from the Website, provided that the User has no outstanding due for the Website.

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